Saturday, December 10, 2011

Desk set "Ladybird theme"

This is my 1st time
a very close friend of mine got promoted
She is a ladybird lover
so, I re-arranged her desk and gave her my first hand made set
I believe they mean more than others
Specially if it's done by you

The black board is actually made of sponge. She can hange papers on it like a regular board except its decorated.  

I've cut out small sticky cloth in the shape of ladybirds and attached it behind her chair

I've used the cloth on her disk as well so she can place her laptob safely. The notebook I loved so, I clipped ladybird clips on it's side. The gift card is held by small shapped ladybird that held a nickless in its shape inside it

I thought a schedule would simplify and organize at least some of her task
(hate seeing her pressured)

Because we never took pictures together so far!, I drew her and myself
using our own favorite character
together in Paris lol
she's a brilliant cake maker and has her own buisness and I did mine with a brush

Pin holder
I'm making me one of these again :p

The box was made for her etra stuff
It was made with an Elmo face in two sides
and a ladybird with the other two



Hajj week

This was a two persons job. I did most of it and my partner only crafted al ka'aba and brought the dolls. The result was great considering the short time I was given; It was a one day task :D. I didn't add a thick background behind the clock on perpose. when the lights are closed and the statue is placed behind an open window, the light would come through the watch in Particular which looked great

Life size Barney


I've made this for my nephew. I was going to bring him a clown but I couldn't find one available. so, I made a life size Barney. It was used to go with the party theme. Barney is his favorite character :). At the end of the party, the kids were taking turns to take a picture with it which is a good idea if you think about it ;)

What time is it?

Telling time

this is one of the thing i created for my previous class. I loved being crafty and having all my resources hand made by me but sadly I did't take pictures. I have done two watches as seen in both languages, Arabic & English. The teacher would move the hour hand and ask after the time. The student is to say & write the number in the cloud :)